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San Diego Country Wedding DJ

So you’re here because your boots weren’t made for walking, right? You’ve come to the right place! Not only has DJ Staci played everywhere from the world famous Brandin’ Iron Saloon to this year’s Stagecoach Festival, but Country Wedding DJ is a cutting edge, innovative wedding service. Here are 20 unique + different things about Country Wedding DJ.

Country Wedding DJDJ Staci is a female! Most of CWDJ’s clients say that they like the idea of working with a female DJ because, as a former bride herself, DJ Staci has a perspective most wedding DJs do not.

Country Wedding DJAs you may have guessed from the name “Country WEDDING DJ,” 95% of the events handled by DJ Staci are weddings.

Country Wedding DJDon’t know how to country dance? Not a problem! DJ Staci has instruct country dances!

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Country Wedding DJCountry Wedding DJ offers the most comprehensive country wedding music guide anywhere. Really.


Country Wedding DJDJ Staci uses a custom facade (portable Custom DJ Facadescreen) to hide her speakers and cables so your wedding looks less like a rock concert and more like an rustic or shabby chic affair. CWDJ customizes the look of the facade by matching the fabric to your colors or theme. DJ Staci also thinks tripods and trusses aren’t what you want to see in your wedding pictures. So you won’t see any of those in her set-up either.

Country Wedding DJBeat the cookie-cutter wedding blues with one of DJ Staci’s “custom voice-over songs.” Basically, DJ Staci records the bride (for example) talking about her favorite memory of childhood with her dad then plays the recording while fading up the Father-Daughter song. Did you just get chills? Yea. It creates a moment, and none of your guests have ever seen anything like it before!

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Country Wedding DJWant to give your guests something more memorable than the “Electric Slide” and “Watermelon Crawl”? DJ Staci has many custom-mixed line dance variations to spice things up!

Country Wedding DJCountry Wedding DJ offers a Polaroid photo station. Have a Polaroid guestbook…or have your guests write marriage advice on the back of their photos and stick it in a special box for you to open on your first anniversary!

Country Wedding DJOther DJs will say, “Ladies + gentlemen, your attention for the first dance.” DJ Staci will say, “On July 4th, 2013, Ben got down on one knee, took a ring out of his pocket, and asked Anna to marry him. She had already booked the wedding venue but pretended to be surprised! Now we write another chapter in their love story…their first dance as husband and wife.” DJ Staci makes personalized announcements to share your love story (and inside jokes).

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Country Wedding DJIn a recent article in Mobile Beat magazine, a San Diego photographer said, “There has only been one DJ in my 7 year career that has ever emailed me prior to the wedding to introduce himself, share the timeline with me, and ask for my thoughts regarding it…The DJ valued my needs.” Advance communication with your vendor team is not done by many DJs…it’s standard practice for Country Wedding DJ. See a sample detailed script/timeline that DJ Staci preps + share with your vendors.

Country Wedding DJTwo words: money-back guarantee (or is that three?)! You don’t deserve any less for the biggest party you’ll ever throw in your life, do you?

Country Wedding DJYou probably already have a toaster and crockpot, right? Ask your guests for the gift of an unforgettable wedding! In addition to offering flexible payment plans, you can also register for CWDJ’s services! View a sample Ciderr.com registry here.

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Country Wedding DJAs soon as you book with DJ Staci, you start planning. Most couples have their music/entertainment planning completely done well before their wedding…no last minute stress!

Country Wedding DJCountry Wedding DJ offers gorgeous + tasty Wedding Candy Buffetcandy buffets. DJ Staci coordinates the color of the candy to match your theme and preferences.

Country Wedding DJThe other guys like to brag about their toys. Ask the competition if they have a 2,000 watt subwoofer…CWDJ does!

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Country Wedding DJThere are so many variables that will affect the dancing at your wedding (temperature, lighting, time of day, if game 6 of the World Series is on at the same time, etc), but the room lay-out is one of the single biggest (controllable) factors. DJ Staci will help you plan the room lay-out to maximize dancing.

Country Wedding DJSan Diego Country Wedding DJ Staci *also* guarantees not to leave any equipment sitting around in plain sight or to start tearing down before the Last Dance (soooooo tacky)!

Country Wedding DJGive your guests an unexpected treat by busting out into a fun dance with your bridesmaids! DJ Staci choreographs “surprise dances” and mixes the custom music to accompany them.

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Country Wedding DJDJ Staci invests in training herself to become a better DJ + MC. For example, she attended the Mobile Beat DJ Conference this year, completed Randy Bartlett’s 1% Solution series for mobile DJs, + has done Master of Ceremonies training with the world-renowned Mark Ferrell. Best of all, she is one of a very few country DJs who mixes live so songs are beatmatched instead of played the way you generally hear them at the honky tonks.

Country Wedding DJSan Diego country DJ Staci is bilingual! She lived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for several years handling both destination weddings and local events. She lived in Mexico for FIVE YEARS…by the way, did you know there’s a Spanish remake of “Achy Breaky Heart”? Yep. Even has a popular line dance that goes with it!

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